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Another attraction is the open-air Gunpowder Museum (Krudtværksmuseet).The Gothic, brick-built Roskilde Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting over 100,000 visitors a year.A special exhibition will be devoted to the listing in October 2015.

From the turn of the 20th century, the north and east coasts have developed as bathing and holiday resorts for the inhabitants of Copenhagen.The heathery hills of Tibirke Bakker to the south of Tisvilde offer excellent views of the surroundings from a height of 57 m (187 ft).Further south, the last resort on the northwest coast is Liseleje, some 8 km north of Frederiksværk.Its redeveloped harbour area known as Kulturhavn Kronborg now houses the Danish Maritime Museum while Kulturværftet is a large venue for concerts and exhibitions.The second largest city Hillerød, in the centre of the region, is famous for Frederiksborg Palace built in the Renaissance style for Christrian IV in the early 17th century.

Www dating dk Fredensborg

Roskilde has a history dating back to the Vikings as can be seen in its Viking Ship Museum.The city also attracts thousands to the four-day Roskilde Music Festival held annually at the beginning of July.There are two sandy beaches, one on each side of the stream that runs through the village.Tisvilde, 9 km southwest of Rågeleje, is a small town which since the Second World War has grown into another popular location for summer houses, thanks to its sandy beach at Tisvildeleje to the south and its chalk cliffs to the north.The region has a history dating back at least to the 13th century as in 1231 Helsingør was mentioned in Valdemar's Census Book before obtaining privileges as a market town under Eric of Pomerania in 1426.

The castle known as Krogen was rebuilt as Kronborg in 1577.

Some 12 km to the northwest is Gilleleje, Zealand's most northernmost point, which has grown from a little village in 1900 to a popular coastal resort with sandy beaches, an active fishing harbour and several museums.

Rågeleje, 10 km southwest of Gilleleje, is a little fishing village with a history dating back to the 16th century.

The largest urban centres in the region are Helsingør (population 61,519), Hørsholm (46,229), Hillerød (31,181), Birkerød (20,041), Farum (18,335), Frederikssund (15,725) and Frederiksværk (12,029).

The historic city of Roskilde (48,721) in the southwest is often included in North Zealand, especially in guide books.


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