Singletrail trier

Even nowadays, their legacy nurtures the passion of Luxembourg’s inhabitants for this sport.

Throughout the country, the cycle paths are well-marked and mostly in remote locations away from traffic. You see, there is nothing that stands in the way of a satisfying trip.I got curious to know how the south of Belgium close to the French border might look like and if it possible to spontaneously go from Couvin (approx. kostenlose single portale Fürth 50km south to Charleroi) all across the Ardenne and the Eifel to the Rhine River in Germany.In consequence, I can’t make any statement about the trail section of Day 5 which would be a final rather high elevation trip.I plan to take this an other day as it is easy to access Hillesheim from Cologne and to go back to Cologne from Remagen.

Singletrail trier

Towarss Luxembourg it get shallower again but the ancient grass burried road is not fun at all shaking me up while having to paddle stabding for quite a long time.Lux itself does not become much better in terms of trail flow.Did you know that Luxembourgers have a passion for cycling?Great champions, like Charly Gaul, nicknamed "Angel of the mountains", stood out in the world’s most prestigious races such as the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia.It is a beautiful route along the small river and the hills are getting higher and higher until Altenahr where the wine fields of the region starts.

It is really worth a travel and not as nice to do a the also nice Via Claudia Trans Alp which we did a few weeks before (the high mountains in the background are missing a bit).The only thing left to do is to gear up before you ride.Various regional tourist offices offer seasonal guided bike and mountain bike tours for individuals and groups. First, the full trail at once can be found here but I also segmented the tour into section please read on below. At Charleroi you have to take a smaller train and more hikers join towards the very pretty landscape in the south.I arrived rather late (11 AM) at the starting point for the longest distance and highest elevation on this travel. It leads through impressive areas in Belgium and France.


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