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Namely your little minions, cheaper spells, and of course your hero power. If you can afford a 2nd Blizzard, then replace 1 Flamestrike with it. I know that this deck isn't all that revolutionary.

This guy has been MVP in my team more often than any other card. In case I didn't make my point yet: It's REALLY important to keep a Frostbolt, unless it's the Naxx Priest variant with Undertaker and the usual other suspects that won't give him a lot of free mana to heal up. So expect the worst and gear up for that darn Cleric!But I also know that it can beat any deck out there even without that "perfect draw". date kostenlos Mönchengladbach I had fun building something pretty basic and I was really surprised about the amount of successful matches this cheap deck gave me.It kills Warriors single handedly if you can protect it.Shamans, Hunters, and Paladins are also quite vulnerable to the built-in freeze. Rogues and Druids also dont't dig to be frozen, but they're affected to a somewhat lesser extent.

Singlebörse kostenlos Rostock

I just started playing this season and I got to rank 17 in a couple of days with this deck. You wanna be acting and removing his counters with your spells.The only changes I did to it were replacing one flamestrike with a pyroblast (I randomly got it in a card pack and after testing it for a while I decided it was worth keeping it, although sometimes you just have it in your hand forever and really wish you had a flamestrike instead, countless times it wins you the game). With this deck, you can stop an aggro minion invasion and you can be fast enough to beat his fatties to the punch. It cannot recover quick enough from an early (Kobold boosted) Arcane Explosion.I'll continue with this deck until I finally get the dust for Bloodmage Thalnos. Reach 4 mana and start putting out your midrange minions. Don't ever drop it just because it might do 2 damage next turn. singlebörse kostenlos Rostock-29singlebörse kostenlos Rostock-73singlebörse kostenlos Rostock-81 Use your bigger spells to clear the opponent's side, while your guys go face. ^^ Points to consider for some of the cards: Mana Wyrm: Your dream start! Don't hold it back until you draw some spells to boost it. Drop it and watch your opponent waste some removal spell on it. Ironbeak Owl: Look at it as a Silence spell with a built-in 2/1 creature. The 2 mana are much better used for your hero power in his face.Going 2nd and following with a Coin and a Leper Gnome is ideal. It has a big target symbol on its head and will likely die the turn after you played it. If you keep it from turn 1 and ten turns later finally get to use it vs. ^^ Acolyte of Pain: Similar story, but no reason to save it for any particular moment. If you're card starved or need that special card topdecked right NOW, there's nothing wrong with using your hero power on your own Acolyte or running him into something bigger.

Use it to kill Paladin tokens or anything with preferably 1 attack - even if you're gonna Flamestrike that same turn anyway. Like the two cards above: It's mainly there for its special and not for its 2 attack power.I just unlocked the first part of naxx and i replaced the sen'jins with the Sludge belchers, but i am also wondering is there a place for Loatheb in the deck? Hey man thanks for putting in the time to make this.I found it really helpful, it's quite a balanced deck and it's amazing the results you can get with it as well considering how cheap it is.It should be noted, that the cards mentioned under the "Improvements" tab above make this deck even better.Since they are quite expensive and/or hard to come by though, I didn't update the original decklist cause the idea for it is to be competitive AND cheap. I won against a guy who pulled off 5 legendaries on me, including a last turn deathwing, luckily I had a fireball guess what the guy's health was... I've been trying out the following with the 2 blizzards version: - 1 Arcane Explosion (not working for me, at least in the current meta...


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