Single plattform Nürnberg

Von Ribbenstrop, the always arrogant diplomatic double-crosser of Hitler’s Germany, entered the execution chamber at A. An American lieutenant-colonel was sent to fetch Streicher from the death row cell block in the nearby prison wing. It was originally planned to permit the condemned men to walk from their cells to the execution chamber with their hands free but all were manacled in their cells immediately following discovery of Goering’s suicide.Streicher’s scream of “Heil Hitler” sent a shiver down the back of this correspondent who was witnessing the executions as sole representative of the American press. As its echo died away another American colonel standing by the steps of the scaffold said sharply: “Ask the man his name.” In response to an interpreter’s query, Streicher answered: “You know my name well.” The interpreter repeated his request and the condemned man shouted: “Julius Streicher.” Guards then started moving Streicher up the steps.In the middle of the bailey is one of the most important buildings in the castle complex, the well house with the Deep Well.

He was found dead just before his death sentence was to have been read out again to him and only two hours before he was scheduled to have been dropped through the trap-door of a gallows erected in a small gymnasium standing in the jail yard.Despite the fact that an American security guard was supposed to be watching his every move, the crown prince of Nazidom managed to place in his mouth, chew and swallow the vial of deadly potassium cyanide. Goering had not been informed previously that Wednesday the 16th of October was to be his day of doom nor had any of the other condemned men known that this was to be the end. Ribbentrop, weasel-faced and sparse of hair in his final appearance before humanity, spoke his last words while waiting for the black hood to be placed upon his head. “My last wish is that Germany realizes its entity and that an understanding be reached between the East and the West. Three black-painted wooden scaffolds stood inside the gymnasium.How he managed to conceal the poison on his person is a mystery that has confounded the security forces. Woods, San Antonio, Tex., the American Army hangman, was the executioner. I wish peace to the world.” As the hood was placed in position before the trap was sprung, von Ribbentrop looked straight ahead. Two were used alternately to hang the condemned men individually, while the third was held in reserve.As he mounted the platform, the beady-eyed Jew-hater called out: “And now it goes to God.” Streicher was swung around to face the audience in front of him.He glared at Allied officers and the eight Allied correspondents representing the world’s press who were lined up against a wall behind small tables directly facing the gallows.

Single plattform Nürnberg

The once number 2 man in the Nazi hierarchy defeated Allied justice by a matter of minutes.In between these two once-powerful leaders the hallows claimed Field Marshal Gen.Although the first documented mention of the "Deep Well" dates from the , it is undoubtedly older.It was probably created at the same time as the first buildings of the Imperial Castle, since a castle without its own, protected water supply – especially in the case of a siege – is unthinkable.When the rope snapped taut and the body swung wildly a groan could be heard distinctly from within the dark interior of the scaffold.

After the executions were completed and with the body of Seyss-Inquart still hanging awaiting pronouncement of his death, the gymnasium doors opened and guards entered carrying Goering’s body on a stretcher.

This was placed on the floor beneath the two scaffolds.

Generals representing the four Allied Control Council ordered the Army blanket covering the body removed so that the world’s press representatives could make note of the fact that Goering was dead. Keitel had shown the same stolcism in his approach to death that had marked his demeanor in court and in prison.

The Sinwell Tower served as a "keep", in other words it was primarily built for status and defence purposes, and probably functioned mainly as an optical deterrent.

Because of its considerable height, attackers could be detected quickly.


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