Single hop lager

The best beer styles for SMa SH are as follows: Pilsner (all kinds), Vienna Lager, Saison, Munich Dunkel, Wild Ales, IPAs and even Barleywine.SMa SH brewing is also a great educational experience for the brewer.

Commercial brewers, particularly craft brewers, avoid complexity at all costs.A good example is the old policy of adding hops at 60, 45, 30 and 15 minutes.Recent research indicates that most aromatic hop oils are fragile, and boil off in 10 minutes or less.You only have to choose one malt to use, one hop to use, and one yeast and then how you are going to mash and ferment it.Since malt is so important to a SMa SH beer, you need to pick a flavorful malts.

Single hop lager

The tendency is to add everything but the kitchen sink to make that first recipe as special as possible.My first attempts at recipe design included at least 5 specialty malts, four hop additions, water additions and a bunch of other stuff.Here are some SMa SH recipes from our Beer Smith sharing site: I encourage you to try making a few batches using SMa SH. Single hop lager-62Single hop lager-13 It is a great way to gain a true understanding of what a single malt or single hop does to the flavor of your beer, and the philosophy of simplicity is a good one to apply to home brewing in general.Popular malts for SMa SH include Maris Otter, Pilsner, Pale Malts and Munich Malts. The best advice I have is to go to get samples of several hops and smell them, taste them, and pick one that balances the malt you are using.

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Most experienced SMa SH brewers tend to select medium alpha hops because they let you achieve a good beer balance with a single addition.

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Simplified home brewing has some significant rewards.


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