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The smaller version on long wooden legs costs £895.

Morsø has also designed a firepit (£385), which doubles as a barbecue.

Playing with fire Stiff upper lips used to be the form, but these days we don’t like it too fresh while partying al fresco. Orange-glowing halogen is instantly effective but the appliances are often unbeautiful. Robeys in Derbyshire specialises in the grooviest European outdoor fireplaces, by brand names such as AK47, Harrie Leenders and Girse, many of which can be cooked on, too.

The free-standing dome60 on its metal stand-cum-wood store costs £1,200.The Rais Cube from Robeys Or, for hippy chic, Wilstone has had a delivery of vintage Kadai fire bowls – as used to feed the multitudes across India – from £395. You can get the effect with the new wood-fired Fornetto (£899), a contemporary Puffing Billy and an Aussie design. Single tanzkurs herne The fire chamber is separate, under the oven, which is ready to cook in 20 minutes.You decide how kippered your food should be using the ventilation control and can add flavoured woodchips, too. charcoal The US is arguably barbecue HQ: low and slow cooking developed there; now there’s a World Championship and a World Series in which fierce competitors massage in secret flavour combos and nurse their entries to perfect moistness.The British BBQ Society is on a mission to spread the gospel here.

Sex dating Morsø

The chimney is at the front to draw smoke over the food and out, adding delicious flavour.Wood-fired wonders Wood-fired ovens do lend themselves to traditional blokey expertise – you’ve got to learn to manipulate the temperature without knobs to twiddle – but they make a convivial focal point, too.Fire Stone (£1,800) looks a little like Jamie’s dome60 except the design thumbs its nose at British weather.The body is made in separate pieces so it expands and contracts without cracking.But the company launched its beautifully engineered modular units at Chelsea and they’re already selling in the shires, despite a starting price of £2,300.

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