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The Almagest was preserved, like most of Classical Greek science, in Arabic manuscripts (hence its familiar name).

Because of its reputation, it was widely sought and was translated twice into Latin in the 12th century, once in Sicily and again in Spain.

Babylonian astronomers had developed arithmetical techniques for calculating astronomical phenomena; Greek astronomers such as Hipparchus had produced geometric models for calculating celestial motions.It was common among the Macedonian upper class at the time of Alexander the Great, and there were several of this name among Alexander's army, one of whom made himself King of Egypt in 323 BC: Ptolemy I Soter.All the kings after him, until Egypt became a Roman province in 30 BC, were also Ptolemies.The name Claudius is a Roman nomen; the fact that Ptolemy bore it indicates he lived under the Roman rule of Egypt with the privileges and political rights of Roman citizenship.It would have suited custom if the first of Ptolemy's family to become a citizen (whether he or an ancestor) took the nomen from a Roman called Claudius who was responsible for granting citizenship.

Seriöse dating portale Ulm

The second is the Geography, which is a thorough discussion of the geographic knowledge of the Greco-Roman world.The third is the astrological treatise in which he attempted to adapt horoscopic astrology to the Aristotelian natural philosophy of his day.The first part of the Geography is a discussion of the data and of the methods he used.As with the model of the solar system in the Almagest, Ptolemy put all this information into a grand scheme.Ptolemy's model, like those of his predecessors, was geocentric and was almost universally accepted until the appearance of simpler heliocentric models during the scientific revolution.

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