Senior dating Ringsted

His clubs included the Rocky Mountain Harvard Club of which he was president at one time, Mile High, Wigwam, Cactus and Denver Press clubs.Perhaps the remarkable fact was how, with these many commitments, he maintained his ties to Littleton."Littleton always held a very big spot in Dad's heart as it does in all of ours," said his son. Although she had lived in Denver for some years by then, she was remembered as not only beautiful, she was still beautiful, it was said, but possessed of an inner graciousness and a deep and sensitive concern for other people.

senior dating Ringsted

And he and his wife gave money and equipment to develop the little park, now Sterne Park, on what was then called Santa Fe Avenue. "Billy" Sterne died November 28, 1948 at his Denver home at age seventy-eight.In 1900 Billy Sterne and John Martin sold their drugstore to Charley L. The two partners also established the Sterne and Martin Extract Company in the building at the southwest corner of Nevada and Low streets where the Merry Canning and Pickle factory had been in the early 1890s. komplett kostenlose singlebörse Hagen Here they used their "Vacuo-Process" to produce extracts for flavoring foods.The Littleton editor wrote, "One of his chief characteristics was his thoughtfulness.Whenever a friend was ill or had some other misfortune, Mr.

Senior dating Ringsted

He had contracted tuberculosis, so common at that time. Shepperd's large home on "Knob Hill" at the corner of Shepperd Avenue and Prince Street, (where the YMCA later stood).A small sanitarium had just been built adjacent to Lyndhurst and was under the supervision of Dr. Shepperd was general agent for the Chicago and Alton Railway. According to it, his father founded the Peru Woolen Mills that specialized in making woolen blankets, at one time supplying the Pullman Company with the blankets used in their sleeping cars.Littleton was named the new temporary Arapahoe County seat and became the permanent county seat in 1904. senior dating Ringsted-52senior dating Ringsted-2 In 1903 Nelson Rhoades obtained a franchise to build and operate an electric lighting system for the town. office at the northwest corner of Main and Prince Streets.Young Ed Bemis worked in the creamery in the same building and helped bottle the extracts for shipping.

Flavors included vanilla, strawberry, cherry, grape and raspberry. The lumberyard office also housed the offices of the Bank of Littleton that had been organized in 1892.

Who was the "Sterne" of Sterne Park and Sterne Parkway? "Billy" Sterne had generously supported the little park since it was created in 1928 and because he had done so much for Littleton, the Littleton Civic and Commercial Association suggested the recreational spot be named in honor of him when they turned it over to the city in 1931.

Bemis Street runs along its west side and Lake Avenue along its south side.

He and Billy Sterne established a coal-fired steam plant in the west side of the old canning factory at Nevada and Low streets, the same building where Sterne and Martin's Vacuo-Process was underway. It also housed the Caley's cheese factory, and later it became the location of Holmes Motor Company followed by the American Coleman Company.) Sterne was fireman, meter reader and lamp trimmer, as well as president and secretary of the "Arapahoe Electric Light and Power Company." On Sunday, August 2, 1903 the whole town gathered to watch the lights be turned on. Built in 1901, this photo was taken four years later.

Joe Wise is pictured sitting on the wagon, Manager Harry Nutting on left, Ed Sterne in doorway, Rupert E. Billy Sterne soon built power generating plants at Fort Lupton, Johnstown, Milliken, Platteville and Keenesburg, Colorado, and at Mc Cook, Nebraska and Laramie, Wyoming.


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