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This approach is no doubt a business school study of how companies can marry strategy and tactics across product lines and product lifecycles.Ironically, it is the holistic approach that has given Apple the ability to be judicious in its implementation of differentiating hardware components at the display, phone, camera and video capture level. While the i Pod Touch has recently received i Phone 4 pixie dust, in the form of a camera, HD video recording and a retina screen, the build quality is a step below the i Phone 4, which feels like a jewel box forged by a craftsman.

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By contrast, maybe 15 percent of non-i OS device owners embrace The Apps Lifestyle, or even know what it means, and that’s probably being generous.The company’s stock is up 3,000 percent since the launch of i Pod, 125 percent since the launch of i Phone, and 20 percent since the launch of i Pad.In that same time period, the major devotees of the loosely coupled model — Microsoft, Google, Intel and Dell — have been, at best, outpaced by Apple 6X (in the case of Google dating back to the launch of i Pod) and at worst, either been wiped out (in the case of Dell) or treaded water (in the cases of Microsoft and Intel) in every comparison period.(For a historical perspective on tech industry architectural orientation, check out “Waves of Power” by David Moschella.) The following inconvenient facts must be an affront to the horizontal, commoditized, open, market share zealots.Apple has launched three major new product lines since 2001: the i Pod (October, 2001); the i Phone (July, 2007); and the i Pad (April, 2010).

Secret casual Hagen

As such, the chart below is an attempt to logically organize Apple’s product line so as to better understand the company’s approach to market segmentation: If (in football terms) we are now entering the second quarter of the age of mobile computing, it helps to see the continuum of connected devices from the perspective of their means of mobility; namely, whether they are wear-able, pocket-able, bag-able or portable.Similarly, the diverse set of device input methods that Apple embraces — from physical buttons, keyboards and mice to multi-touch and tilt — provides a window into the types of use cases and workflows that they are optimizing around.Therein, lies the problem with conventional wisdom. It doesn’t think outside the box in terms of strategic imperatives, like building differentiation, growing margins or defensibility.That explains why the top three mobile handset unit sales ‘leaders’ (Nokia, Samsung, LG) are outselling Apple in raw units an astounding 23.5 to 1, yet for all of that effort, combined they are garnering only 82 percent of Apple’s profit level.Want the best build quality device that Apple makes? To be sure, the i Pod Touch is beautiful and solid, but its screen is slightly diminished in effect, and the camera is intentionally hobbled.

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In other words, while Steve Jobs himself may refer to the i Pod Touch as the “i Phone without the phone,” in truth, the functional segmentation keeps it a step below the i Phone.Is it surprising, then, that the reward for achieving such distinguished leadership was for the CEOs at two of those companies (i.e., Nokia and LG) to get fired?Let me net it out for you: Customers buy outcomes, they don’t buy attributes, and they certainly don’t pay a premium for it.Moreover, it underscores the integral-ness of continuously re-calibrating on the definition of the situation; not merely doing more for the sake of an added bullet point or to support a desired price point.Does Apple have a perfect crystal ball on these things?


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