Schweinfurt singles

"[Y]ou will also have people back here who are in need of the same kind of services that BOSS offers," said Joiner, who has run the Schweinfurt program through several deployments, from Bosnia and Kosovo to Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It's very important to keep the program alive and keep it going while the guys are downrange," she said. "It's more important now, because we've got to target those Soldiers who are not deploying," said USAG Schweinfurt Command Sgt. Ernest Lee, who promotes the program each week at the community newcomers' briefings.

The 1st Bombardment Wing, which included all of the original B-17 groups, was based in the English Midlands while the 4th Bombardment Wing stations were located in East Anglia.

Schweinfurt singles

As a result, the Eighth Air Force was unable to follow up immediately with a second attack that might have seriously crippled German industry.A strategic bombing attack flown by B-17 Flying Fortresses of the U. Army Air Forces on August 17, 1943, it was conceived as an ambitious plan to cripple the German aircraft industry.The mission was also known as the "double-strike mission" because it entailed two large forces of bombers attacking separate targets in order to disperse fighter reaction by the Luftwaffe, and was the first "shuttle" mission, in which all or part of a mission landed at a different field and later bombed another target returning to its base.When Schweinfurt was finally attacked again two months later, the lack of long-range fighter escort had still not been addressed and losses were even higher.As a consequence, deep penetration strategic bombing was curtailed for five months.

Schweinfurt singles

The first, a diversionary attack, involved the bombing of three locations along the French and Dutch coast: the German airfields at Bryas-Sud and Marck by American B-26 Marauder and Royal Air Force Mitchell medium bombers, and the marshalling yards at Dunkirk by other Mitchells, all timed to coincide with the Regensburg strike.The second was a series of attacks on Luftwaffe fighter fields at Poix, Lille-Vendeville, and Woensdrecht by Hawker Typhoons of the RAF simultaneous with the diversionary attack, and Poix by two groups of B-26s in the afternoon as the Schweinfurt force was returning.Mission 84 planning indicated a takeoff window from dawn (approximately British Double Summer Time) to approximately without cancelling the mission. Schweinfurt singles-36Schweinfurt singles-41Schweinfurt singles-78 At dawn of August 17, after airmen had gone to their airplanes, England was covered in fog.The 1st Bombardment Wing, following it, would turn northeast and bomb the ball-bearing factories of Schweinfurt (where almost the entire production of bearings was centralized) and by doing so catch German fighter aircraft on the ground re-arming and refueling.


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