Rule of thumb for dating younger

And even with two incomes, most of us can’t afford to go from college to married homeowners with kids in less than five years.The median age of first marriage is rising in the United States.

So why let the diamond industry tell you how much to spend?If your situation is such that you want to propose soon but don’t quite have the cash available, borrowing just enough that you can pay back in 12 months or less isn’t the worst thing.Learn more about the dos and don’ts of financing an engagement ring here. Here’s the cop-out answer: Whatever you think it should cost, and that you can. It makes little sense to start your married life deeply in debt. If you think you should spend as much as possible on an engagement ring and can afford a six-figure rock, go for it.Sacrificing things you might like to buy in order to buy a ring is part of the tradition.But sinking yourself into years of debt just to buy the flashiest ring on the block is not.

Rule of thumb for dating younger

Even if you have not already combined finances, you are about to get married.While you may not want to tip off your beloved that you’re about to make the big purchase, it would be wise to feel out how much she expects you to spend ahead of time.How much should you REALLY spend on an engagement ring?You may have heard something about spending 2 or 3 months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring.If that amount is either much higher or much lower than your expectations, now’s the time to discuss it—not later.


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