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The Islamic world was reaching the peak of its historical scientific achievements.

Important scholars and scientists who flourished in the year 1000 include Abu al-Qasim (Abulcasis), Ibn Yunus (publishes his astronomical treatise Al-Zij al-Hakimi al-Kabir in Cairo in c.

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gratis dating portal Magdeburg

Persia was a period of instability, with various polities seceding from Abassid rule, among whom the Ghaznavids would emerge as the most powerful.Hungary was established in 1000 as a Christian state.In the next centuries, the Kingdom of Hungary became the pre-eminent cultural power in the Central European region.In Rome, he built the basilica of San Bartolomeo all'Isola, to host the relics of St. In France, Robert II, the son of Hugh Capet, was the first of the Capetian kings.The Byzantine Empire under the Macedonian dynasty was engaged in a long and hard war with the First Bulgarian Empire.

Gratis dating portal Magdeburg

In the year 1000, the Byzantine generals Theodorokanos and Nikephoros Xiphias captured the former Bulgarian capitals of Pliska and Great Preslav, along with Little Preslav, extending Byzantine control over the northeastern portion of the Bulgarian state (Mysia and Scythia Minor).At the same time, Byzantium was instrumental in the Christianization of the Kievan Rus' and of other medieval Slavic states.Cholula flourished in central Mexico, as did Tula, the center of Toltec culture.World population is estimated to have been between c. In continental Europe, the Holy Roman Empire established itself as the most powerful state.Otto III made a pilgrimage from Rome to Aachen and Gniezno (Gnesen), stopping at Regensburg, Meissen, Magdeburg, and Gniezno.

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