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Wettringen consists of multiple smaller districts: Wettringen was first mentioned in 838.

In 1622, during the Thirty Years' War Wettringen was the victim of plunder and pillage again.

Founded in 1780, the WWU Münster is a university with tradition.

datingseiten Münster

The Second World War also left its marks on Wettringen.At the top is a silver bar with a curved red line in the middle. Below that is the red bar taken from the coat of arms of the nun monastery of Herford. This symbol is taken from the coat of arms of the Fürst of Bentheim-Steinfurt. beste partnerbörse Erlangen Timo Betz is studying the mechanics of cells at the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence.In 1771 the "Münster Canal" was extended from its former end Clemenshafen in Neuenkirchen to its new end in Maxhafen.It was renamed to "Max-Clemens Canal" after the prince-bishops Maximilian Frederick of Königsegg-Rothenfels and Clemens August of Bavaria.

Datingseiten Münster

The original plan was a connection between Münster and the Dutch Town of Zwolle, but the last segment was never completed.In 1840 shipping on the canal was given up due to being uneconomic.For his research he has now received a prestigious research award from the “Human Frontier Science Program”. datingseiten Münster-14datingseiten Münster-49datingseiten Münster-1 Together with colleagues from the USA and Canada he is receiving one million euros of funding.С 1994 года бразды правления перенял сын основателя компании, Андреас Вестхольт, а основным направлением деятельности предприятия стала обработка листового металла.

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Осуществляя постоянные инвестиции в новую и инновационную технику, мы сегодня имеем прекрасные возможности для уверенного позиционирования на мировых рынках.

The University of Münster offers an exceptionally wide range of subjects and combinations of subjects. Here is information about enrolling, choosing subjects, compulsory language courses and advisory services.

The WWU Münster organises the promotion of outstanding academic junior researchers in graduate schools which provide structured doctorate courses.

On March 31, 1945, allied troops came to Wettringen. 1200 fugitives, predominantly from Silesia, found shelter in the village.

In memory of the victims of the World War I and II a memorial was built in 1957 and it was complemented by a stele in 1998 to remind especially to the victims of the Holocaust.


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