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Furthermore, the driving licence must have been issued in Latin letters or be accompanied by an official translation into Danish, English or French.

Moreover, you must meet the age-related conditions that apply to the issue of a corresponding Danish driving licence.

It will be a condition for exchange of your driving licence that you sign a declaration of truth, stating that you have not been disqualified from driving in the last 5 years and that your licence is not otherwise limited or given on special terms.

dating dk login Frederikshavn

If you have exclusively occupational ties to Denmark but personal ties to another country, you will be regarded as having usual residence in the country where you have personal ties if you regularly return to that question is entered on a list of countries comprised by this scheme (Group 2 countries). (potentially through an Embassy/Consulate) that must draw up the application to be included among the Group 2 countries.Entry on the list is made after application has been filed by the country, etc. For the application, the country/Embassy must use a special application form to provide information about road traffic conditions in the country, etc. The Danish Road Agency will decide whether the country can be entered on the list of Group 2 countries. that may be comprised by Group 2 that driver training there is not quite comparable with Danish driver training.If your driving licence, issued in an EU og EEA country, has a longer period of validity than 15 years for group 1 vehicles and 5 years for group 2 vehicles you are allowed to drive on your valid driving licence in Denmark until 2 years from til time the usual residence has been established in Denmark.After 2 years with usual residence here you have to exchange your driving licence for a Danish driving licence.

Dating dk login Frederikshavn

If you have a foreign driving licence and you have established usual residence in Denmark, you must in certain cases exchange your driving licence for a Danish driving licence.Whether you must exchange your foreign driving licence and whether you, before the exchange, must pass a driving test to check your skills depends on the country in which your driving licence has been issued.If your driving licence was issued in the Faroe Islands or in an EU Member State or an EEA country, you need not exchange your driving licence.Consequently, you may drive the same vehicles in Denmark as you are allowed to drive on your valid driving licence in the country where the driving licence was issued.Furthermore, there are various rules for how long you can wait before exchanging your foreign driving licence for a Danish driving licence.

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