Dating 50 Roskilde

The consensus of opinion was that the enlargements that had taken place in 1833 and in the 20 century were not compatible with the organ’s position as a “swallow’s nest” on the south wall of the cathedral. Marcussen & Son, Restoration/Reconstruction completed. 1991 Manual range: Manualværk and Brystværk: C D E F G A B – c”’, Rygpositiv C D E F – c”’ Pedal range: C D E F – d’ Couplers: Mv Bv, Mv RP, P Mv, P RP Tremulants: Manualværk, Rygpositiv, Pedal.In addition to this, the considerable quantity – at least by Danish standards – of old pipes dating from the 16 centuries pointed towards the “re-creation” of a classical Danish organ from the time before 1700. The investigations were carried out by the cathedral authorities’ organ consultant Cornelius H.Edskes in close collaboration with the curator of the Cathedral Museum, Anette Kruse.

dating 50 Roskilde

Roskilde is governed by the administrative council of Roskilde Municipality.The Sankt Hans psychiatric hospital serves the Capital Region with specialized facilities for forensic psychiatry.The cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum, which contains the well-preserved remains of five 11th-century ships, attract more than 100,000 visitors annually.On the basis of the documentation of the older pipe material and as a result of studying the archive material (including that in Marcussen & Søn’s abundant collection of archives), it proved to be possible to restore the organ’s original construction and specification. The organ’s substructure which had been reinforced by steel supports in the 1950s was now re-created so that the original floor level could be restored. Roskilde Cathedral is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Dating 50 Roskilde

The organ cases were also reconstructed in their original form. It was endeavoured to re-create the pipe-scales, alloys and methods of construction according to the old models, new windchests were built using the old Rückpositiv chest as a model, and the organ acquired a system of wind supply on classical models with four large cuneiform bellows. The organ of 1554-55 was modernized by Nicolaus Maas in about 1611.In addition the organ was probably also altered considerably, both technically and tonally, at the beginning of the 1690s.The Marcussen & Reuter organ was virtually unaltered until 1926, when it was enlarged and rebuilt by Th. After this rebuild the organ had no fewer than 57 stops. In the course of the 1980s it became apparent that there were considerable tonal and technical problems with the organ.

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A thorough investigation was begun as well as documentation and the drawing up of an inventory, and attempts were made to find all relevant archive material.In 1554-55 the Dutch organbuilder Herman Raphaelis Rodensteen built the new instrument, and the Rückpositiv façade which is in the Renaissance style is from this organ.The main façade of the organ and a number of decorations on the Rückpositiv and the loft parapet (the hanging ornamental figures, the twisted columns etc.) date from 1654 and are in the baroque style.The Risø research facility is also becoming a major employer, extending interest in sustainable energy to the clean technology sphere.The local university, founded in 1972, the historic Cathedral School, and the Danish Meat Trade College, established in 1964, are educational institutions of note.


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