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Link-availability, RSSI, timing or phase shifts are byproducts that carry knowledge about the distance between communication endpoints.Extensive signal processing, advanced receiver setups and statistical algorithms allow the extraction of reliable position information.We present a high performance multichannel SDR platform based on FPGA that allows the quick development of respective technology parts.

But the design of a many-core run-time manager generally suffers from exhaustive evaluation time.Moreover, isle#1 is able to monitor performance of isle#2 without introducing software overhead ( SW instrumentation) by using a hardware profiling system.The University Booth is organised during DATE and will be located in booth 15 of the exhibition area.All demonstrations will take place from Tuesday, March 15 to Thursday, March 17, 2016 during DATE.

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We are sure that the demonstrators will give an attractive supplement to the DATE conference program and exhibition.We would like to thank all contributors to this programme. A University Booth programme flyer will be included in the conference bags.Featuring three RF-Frontends (AD-FMCOMM-S3) we are able to control six independent paths time synchronous. beste dating plattform Reutlingen-14beste dating plattform Reutlingen-47beste dating plattform Reutlingen-51 With 50 MSa/s at 12 bit resolution a data stream of 7.2 Gbit/s can be processed.We target for radio frequency based vehicle self-localization using smart array antennas.

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A CIRCUIT EXTRACTION TOOL FOR FULL CUSTOM DESIGNED MEMS SENSORS Presenter: Axel Hald, Robert Bosch Gmb H, DE Authors: Axel Hald Technische Universität Dresden, DE Abstract: In contrast to IC design, MEMS design still lacks sophisticated component libraries. It focuses on news, data, and research in business education. Biz Ed Magazine Biz Ed magazine is a bi-monthly publication by AACSB.The growing complexity of future MEMS designs demands a deep and detailed analysis of the sensor structures and the topology elements in order to get a better understanding of the coupling capacitances and parasitics.Our tool is able to extract a circuit out of a MEMS sensor designed in a polygon based design flow.


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